Maternity Session Information


What to Wear

    Wear loose comfortable clothing a few hours before your session. Tight fitting clothes with elastic can leave marks. Avoid overly bright colors and large patterns. Wear a smooth bra and underwear, preferably a nude color. Bring a strapless bra, tube top, tank top, and black sports bra. Avoid baggy clothing. We want to show off your beautiful belly. Pretty lacy lingerie looks fabulous. Pre-pregnancy jeans that nearly fit but won't button and a button down white shirt (maybe your partners') also look great. Tight fitting long sleeve tops in neutral colors are also very flattering. Black yoga pants, tight fitting skirts and dresses also show off the belly. If you are not sure what to wear, give me a call to arrange a time that we can go shopping in your closet or anywhere else that suits your fancy. We’ll find the perfect clothes to wear for your session.

Hair, makeup and jewelry

    Wear your hair and makeup as you normally would with a bit of extra mascara. Powder with glitter does not photograph well. If you decide on a new look, have your hair done a week before the session and make sure that you are happy with the results. Your hands and feet will be seen in many of the photographs. A French manicure or a subtle color polish on the nails looks terrific. Paint your toenails any color that suits your style but remember that simple styles and colors are timeless and you don’t want to draw attention to your feet. Wear simple jewelry, nothing large or bulky. We do not want anything to distract from you. Moisturize your belly the night before the shoot and use lotion on dry skin areas. Bring extra makeup, skin lotion, a hair brush and lip balm for touchups.

     If your partner will be accompanying you in the session, he should bring jeans, khaki pants, tee shirt (white or black) and a solid color (light blue or white) shirt. Have his hair cut one week prior to the session. Make sure that hands and nails are cleaned and filed. They will be seen in the photographs. If he tends to have a beard shadow by mid-day, schedule the session in the morning when he is clean shaven or have him shave one hour before the session. Beard shadows show in a photograph and cannot be digitally removed. Sometimes the face can appear oily and cause an unflattering shine in a photograph. I prefer to use a very subtle powder that absorbs the oil. It gives a natural matt appearance to the face.

     If children will be joining you in the session their clothes do not have to match. Stay in similar color tones if you have 2 or more children or just express yourself and bring that hot pink Tutu for your little girl. Keep shoes simple. When in doubt don’t use shoes. Feel free to call me with any questions about coordinating clothing.

    Please have a caregiver present to entertain your older children after they have been photographed.


     Is there something of sentimental value that you would like to include in some of your images?

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